Birthday Cakes in Miami

Let’s not kid ourselves: Birthdays are a big thing in Miami. Most of times it means dressing up and having a big celebration.
Some celebrate with family; some, with friends. Sometimes you organize it yourself, or sometimes someone else throws it for you. One thing is for certain (and my mom used to emphasize this): There is no birthday without a Birthday Cake in Miami! If you are feeling it, you can even light up some candles, sign and then blow them out (don’t forget to make a wish!) Or you can simply just cut the cake and pass it around. However you end up doing it, the cake must be up to the challenge.

Here at T’antay Miami, we know exactly how to bake Birthday Cakes to perfection. We put especial attention to detail when decorating, as if we were doing it for a family member. We understand that the cake is a very part of the birthday ritual: a representation of the anniversary of the person’s birth!

Some people want a fancy tiered cake with special decoration. An attention grabber that can be seen and desired from across the room. A cake that makes your guest ask: “What time are we cutting the cake?” We can do that for you!

Another great way to personalize an event is with our Monogram Birthday cake. This any-letter shaped cake that could be the first letter of the birthday boy/girl name. Now, if you want to emphasize on the years the person is turning, you should definitely go with numbers instead of letters!

Down below you can find a little extra inspiration that will help you make up your mind. One thing is for sure: We will create an amazing cake for your Birthday celebration, detailed and full of love!

Unsure about what to get?

With such a big variety of cake styles, flavors, shapes and forms, choosing a cake  could be a daunting  task. Why don’t you take a peek into our Cake Gallery? However, if you have made a decision, please contact us today!